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“Nautical Nest” Birdhouse

Lovebirds love this lighthouse! Two-tiered walkways and authentic accents perk up this Pennsylvania Dutch style haven. 

Our Price:   $14.95
Item:  30208
In Stock

Cotton Padded Swing Chair

A relaxing way to retreat from the day! Soft cotton padding and gentle rocking motion cradle you in exceptional comfort. Great for use indoors or out. 

Our Price:   $49.95
Item:  34302
In Stock

Country Store Birdhouse

Tired travelers will find welcome shelter at this quaint resting spot! Cleverly detailed right down to the hay bales, this realistic miniature pays tribute to the rustic charm of the old-time country store.Loop on top for hanging. 

Our Price:   $19.95
Item:  14258
In Stock

Dachshund Doggy Bench

Dare we say this is cutest bench in existence? We do! This Dachshund Doggy Bench is adorable from top to tail and will charm your friends and family as they gaze upon his happy face and elongated body. Max. weight limit: 300 lbs. He’s the best pet you’ll ever own, with no upkeep or maintenance, and can be a great help in the entry way of your home, on your porch, and beyond!

Our Price:   $259.95
Item:  10015481
In Stock

Gingerbread-style Birdhouse

This multi-level birdhouse “condo” offers lovable lodgings for several avian households. Thatched roofs and colorful trim make this a happy holiday retreat! 

Our Price:   $24.95
Item:  30206
In Stock

Gone Fishin’ Birdhouse

Cute little cabin awaits its residents’ return, after a day of “goin’ fishin’.” Wood. 

Our Price:   $16.95
Item:  29313
In Stock

Hammock Chair

Perfect to hang on porch or branch. This comfy cradle chair will quickly become your favorite place to relax! 

Our Price:   $49.95
Item:  35330
In Stock

Little White Chapel Birdhouse

Whitewashed country chapel is a wonder of woodwork and a heavenly haven for some blessed birdies. Three separate openings create a welcome for a whole flying congregation! Clean-out hole on back. 

Our Price:   $24.95
Item:  14778
In Stock

Thatched Cottage Birdhouse

Clever beam-style trim, welcome sign, and thatched roof bless this birdhouse with fairy-tale charm! 

Our Price:   $19.95
Item:  29312
In Stock



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