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Birdcage Staircase Candle Stand

A little bird sits atop this darling cage that houses spiral stair-stepped tealight candle cups. Birdcage door provides easy access to the candles. 

Our Price:   $49.95
Item:  D1232
In Stock

Crystal Drop Votive Holder

Set the stage for an elegant evening with the luster of candlelight! Gracefully crafted of antique ivory metalwork, this tabletop chandelier makes a demure statement of genteel distinction. 

Our Price:   $29.95
Item:  14127
In Stock

Crystal Tree Tealight Holder

Curving black boughs and crystalline berries create an enchanting sparkling display; a trio of tealights placed in the cup-shaped blooms turns this tree into a show of pure splendor! 

Our Price:   $19.95
Item:  12055
In Stock

Crystal-trimmed Candelabra

Tall, elegant candleholder gets its glamour from a crown of glittering crystals! Dozens of facets capture dancing candlelight to create an ever-changing show of dazzling rainbows. Breathtakingly beautiful!

Our Price:   $39.95
Item:  38029
In Stock

Elegant Beaded Candleholder

This refined wrought-iron candle stand boasts a glamorous dash of old-time Parisian elegance! Slender ivory curlicues form a stylish support for a thick pillar candle; lavish swags of glittering crystals turn the light into a dancing diamond display!

Our Price:   $9.95
Item:  38653
Out of Stock

Ivory Elegance Candelabra

Dripping with glittering crystals, graceful ivory curlicues create a showy support for a trio of candles. Delightfully extravagant with a touch of Old-World elegance! 

Our Price:   $34.95
Item:  39784
In Stock

Jeweled Candleholder

The beautiful look of cut-crystal without the high price! This gorgeous candleholder’s faceted design captures the candlelight and turns it into romantic ambiance. The base is made from sparkling, clear crystalline with silvery accents, and the candle cup has a beautiful design and four strands of dangling gems. 

Our Price:   $19.95
Item:  33802
Out of Stock

Mini-chandelier Votive Stand

Uniquely beautiful tabletop stand boasts two hanging votive “chandeliers.” Glittering crystals and curving lines delight the eye! 

Our Price:   $21.95
Item:  34693
In Stock

Romantic Rose Votive Holder

Set the stage for an enchanted evening when you place a candle at the heart of this ruby-red rose! The timeless symbol of love is never lovelier than when filled with a candle’s passionate flame.  

Our Price:   $14.95
Item:  13920
Out of Stock



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